Flite’s new Flitescooter with removable handlebars makes electric hydrofoils easier

Learning to ride an electric hydrofoil is easier than ever, thanks to Flite’s latest addition to its product lineup – the Flitescooter. Complete with removable handlebars, this entry-level foil mimics that of a scooter or bike and is designed for beginners, families, or those who simply wanna cruise the waters leisurely. Check it out.

In five short years, Australian hydrofoil developer, Flite, has made quite a name for itself. Its ever-growing portfolio of electric hydrofoils of varying sizes and levels of rider expertise has kept consumers busy in a nascent segment of marine mobility that continues to grow.

The company kicked off the year by launching its Series 3 lineup of Fliteboard eFoils, including the ULTRA L, marketed at the “world’s lightest.” Flite’s current portfolio ranges from PRO-level eFoils made of carbon fiber to the Fliteboard AIR – an inflatable, beginner-level eFoil that offers increased buoyancy and stability.

To ensure electric hydrofoil riding is an experience everyone can enjoy, Flite has now introduced the Flitescooter, which offers even more stability for new riders – or those who may need a little extra help standing on their own.

Flitescooter is easy to learn with minimal instruction

During today’s announcement of the new Flitescooter, its makers explained that it was designed with the intent to offer riders with little or no watersports experience the chance to learn and develop eFoiling skills.

Flite’s new jet propulsion system implemented on each Flitescooter offers a smooth and safe ride that’s easy to control using a built-in thumb control throttle. The company says the stability of the handlebars can get any new rider on the water in a few minutes with minimal instruction.

Flite CEO, founder, and product architect, David Trewern, shared further insights into the development of the Flitescooter, which is the product of his desire to experience eFoiling with a loved one:

We are thrilled to offer riders a new way to fly with the global launch of Flitescooter. Since I developed the first Fliteboard prototype back in 2018, I have been working on ways to encourage my wife to join me on the water. Flitescooter is the solution. It’s so easy and forgiving to learn, yet offers similar thrills to Fliteboarding.

Once riders develop their skills on the Flitescooter, its handlebars can be removed to easily convert the eFoil into a conventional Fliteboard for surf-style riding without the “training wheels.”

The new Flitescooter is open for pre-orders starting today and retails for $12,995. Deliveries are expected to begin in late August 2023. Check out the new eFoil in action in Flite’s introductory video below:

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