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From concentrated urban areas to highly isolated coastal regions, providing equitable access to healthcare services in the South East is a complex and challenging task.

Leaders across the South East experience common issues, whether it’s meeting the complex needs of big cities or reaching underserved rural areas where staff are scarce.

Keep reading to learn how Lantum supports workforce solutions that account for local needs and help you deliver high-quality care.

Understand your local needs and increase workforce capacity

As a leader, you need to understand:

  • What motivates staff
  • What staff want from work
  • How to persuade staff to work where they’re needed most

One example is to incentivise staff to take up positions in underserved rural practices. Workforce management solutions like Lantum help you highlight sessions across such underserved regions and redirect resources in a way that increases employee satisfaction and patient care.

How to deliver local solutions for regional success

Everyone needs access to healthcare, no matter where they’re living.

But how do you deliver?

Remote consultations are a valuable tool for delivering equitable access to healthcare across the South East. Lantum slots in seamlessly with your existing providers and increases the pool of clinicians available to staff shifts.

When it comes to staffing in-person services, Lantum makes sessions visible to all staff across your organisation, not just a few. This helps to improve coverage in less desirable urban areas that are commonly overlooked by recruitment agencies. Plus, it helps prevent siloed working and encourages staff to move to more remote locations.

In areas where you have an established locum network, Lantum offers staff perks and streamlined communication. When your entire organisation can access one staff bank, it increases morale, improves job satisfaction, and boosts locum loyalty. This is key when it comes to ensuring locums work where they’re needed most, and don’t become tempted to move into less cost-effective agency roles.

Enhancing flexible staffing across Kent and Medway ICS

Established in 2019, Kent and Medway ICS covers 188 GP practices, 41 PCNs, and serves a population of 1.9 million. With some of their population in coastal and rural areas, finding GPs and delivering services can be challenging.

With the lowest GP-to-patient ratios in the country, Kent and Medway had trouble fully staffing services, especially considering the amount of time, effort, and expense it took to find locum GPs through locum agencies.

Kent and Medway ICS originally came to Lantum looking to move away from costly agency solutions; they were able to achieve this and so much more. The shift to Lantum was performed at speed and scale, and caused minimal disruption. This was essential to maintain the high standards of patient care the ICS is known for.

When Kent and Medway ICS partnered with Lantum, the shift happened quickly and with minimal disruption. Key decision-makers worked with the Lantum team to understand where staff are working and why. From there, they were able to:

  • Improve workforce satisfaction
  • Increase locum session uptake rates
  • Run a remote consultation pilot in collaboration with Lantum

The result? A robust, resilient and highly flexible workforce that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of their patient population.

Read more about Lantum’s work with Kent and Medway ICS.

How Lantum works across the South East

Connected SchedulingTM ensures that Lantum is so much more than a flexible staff bank. Our comprehensive approach improves staff mobility so healthcare professionals stay engaged and motivated by the new opportunities their careers provide.

Lantum supports ICSs in the South East with:

  • Centralised clinical governance so staff can work across organisations
  • Perks for staff like next-business-day pay with Lantum’s Rocketpay feature
  • Full visibility over available shifts across the region in a variety of clinical settings
  • Automated invoices, pensions and paperwork to reduce the admin burden

Lantum’s award-winning Connected SchedulingTM approach boosts engagement, morale and staff retention all at the same time. It allows leaders like you to see how and where your staff are working at a glance, which is crucial to ensure your ICS can adapt to new pressures.

Lantum currently works with 18 ICSs, 300+ PCNs and 1-in-2 GP practices across England to connect healthcare leaders with their workforce.

To learn more about how Lantum delivers ICS solutions across the South East, click here.



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