Volvo Group scores its largest order for electric trucks, saving up to 50K tons of CO2 annually

Volvo Group just secured its largest order for electric trucks to date, a win for the company and the industry. The company signed a letter of intent to sell 1,000 electric trucks to Swiss sustainable building solutions leader Holcim.

Volvo Group seeing higher demand for electric

As the parent company encompassing Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks, Nova Bus, and others, Volvo Group continues to prove itself as a clean energy leader.

Known for its history in innovation and design (including introducing the first three-point safety harness), Volvo Group is committed to a sustainable future. The company delivered its first electric truck, the FL Electric, in 2019 and has remained a pioneer ever since.

The company’s early efforts are already yielding results, with electric truck sales climbing 254% in the first three months of 2023.

Volvo Group delivered 683 electric trucks in total in the first quarter. Of them, 350 were Volvo brand, 331 were Renault, and two were Mack Trucks.

Electric truck order intake continues growing, steading with 1,197 in Q1, for a total of 5,360 over the past year. Volvo also delivered 202 pieces of electric construction equipment, 34 electric buses, and 20 electric engines in the quarter.

Volvo lands its largest order for electric trucks to date

Volvo signed a letter of intent Monday to sell 1,000 electric trucks between now and 2030 to Holcim for its European operations.

The first 130 heavy electric Volvo FH and Volvo FM trucks will be delivered to France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK by the end of the year and throughout 2024.

Volvo Group president and CEO says the agreement is an extension of a broader partnership between Holcim and the company, saying:

Long-term collaboration and a strong commitment to really make a difference are essential for making big CO2 reductions a reality. I’m very proud of the partnership we have developed with Holcim, and the results we are achieving together.

The new Volvo FH electric trucks using green electricity on an average route will save up to 50,000 tons of CO2 compared to the existing 1,000 diesel-powered truck fleet. The CO2 savings are based on Volvo Trucks Environmental Footprint Calculator comparing CO2 output over an annual mileage of 80,000 km (49,709 miles) for a 44-ton truck.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Holcim focuses on decarbonizing buildings across their life cycle using less material, circular construction, and sustainable designs.

Volvo Trucks has begun scaling production across its network to meet the rising demand. The company aims for 50% fully electric truck sales by 2030 as it transitions toward 100% EV sales by 2040.

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