Ford is making it easier for you to buy an EV

Ford (F) CEO Jim Farley revealed during Monday’s Capital Markets Day that the automaker would soon make it as easy as possible for you to buy an EV with transparent pricing, flexible purchase options, and remote vehicle delivery. Ultimately, Ford is offering you the opportunity to skip what many consider the worst part of the buying experience – the dealership.

Ford upgrades the EV buying experience with fixed pricing

During Monday’s event, Ford discussed its next-generation EVs, including a three-row SUV and another full-size electric pickup codenamed Project T3.

Farley says the automaker’s EV unit, Model e, will focus on three key initiatives, including:

  1. Developing EVs and software platforms
  2. Launching a new customer experience with its dealers
  3. Building its industrial system to deliver millions of EVs efficiently

Ford’s second (and third) generation EVs will be launched in larger, more profitable segments. Farley describes the new electric pickup as “a technological tour de force that will transform a worksite” and its seven-passenger electric SUV as a “personal bullet train.”

To match the new modern electric vehicles, Ford is rolling out a simple and consumer-friendly buying experience that emphasizes non-negotiable pricing. Farley explained at its Capital Markets Day event:

Starting in January, Model E customers will have flexible purchase options, online, in the store, with transparent pricing that they don’t have to haggle over, and remote vehicle delivery, and later pick up as well.

Soon, Ford EV buyers will have more options, including new retail replenishment centers that can deliver vehicles in under ten days. The new EV buying experience is designed to establish relationships with dealerships rather than it being a hassle to negotiate prices.

Ford will drastically reduce EV inventory and deploy a new marketing model focusing on growing relationships rather than spending billions on TV advertisements.

In December, Ford revealed around two-thirds of its dealers – 1,920, to be precise – enrolled in its EV dealer program designed to streamline distribution.

Electrek’s Take

Ford wants to satisfy dealers and new EV buyers with flexible purchase options and non-negotiable pricing. This isn’t the first time Farley has suggested a direct sales approach, but with a set date now, it will become a reality next year.

Nobody likes to go into the dealership and have to negotiate prices several times with the salespeople. Tesla and other EV makers have shown a direct sales approach works. It’s not only consumer-friendly but also cuts out unnecessary inventory costs.

Ford will satisfy customers with online, customizable purchase options and dealers with “later pick up” and the traditional buying experience still being offered.

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