Meet the world’s most portable electric boat that can fit in a backpack

Combining the best of a kayak, paddle board, and electric-powered boat, the GoBoat is dubbed “the world’s most portable boat.” Powered by a fully electric motor, the GoBoat deflates, allowing you to carry it in a large backpack (or bag) or fit it in a small trunk to take it wherever your adventure awaits.

GoBoat reveals the most portable electric boat you can buy

How nice would it be to have an affordable, fully electric boat you could take anywhere? GoBoat looks to make this a reality.

The company unveiled its new GoBoat 2.0 lineup Thursday, offering more performance, stability, and compactness than the first generation that will instantly upgrade your outdoor excursions. Whether camping, RVing, or even boating, the new GoBoat opens up new possibilities for exploring uncharted territory.

Made from the company’s proprietary AirCore construction material, the GoBoat can deflate to fit in a carry bag, sedan trunk, or even backpack at a weight of 57 pounds, according to GoBoat.

When inflated (all three inflation chambers for added safety), the electric boat features a round design to help you easily navigate.

The included 12V trolling motor, designed by GoBoat, has 35 pounds of thrust with a 24-inch shaft in a bow mount configuration. It is the “lightest and most compact 35 lbs thrust motor on the market” with five speeds forward and two speeds reverse.

You can take the GoBoat in fresh or saltwater with an added anti-corrosion system in place to protect it in the sea. In addition, the electric boat’s two-blade machete propeller won’t let weeds slow your roll.

Perhaps the best part is being able to silently glide across the water with a zero-emission electric motor.

GoBoat currently offers three versions of the world’s most portable electric boat. The mini, for small adults and kids, has a 55-inch diameter, while the adult model extends to a 70-inch diameter. A third model is designed for fishing with extra storage and attachments.

The mini version starts at around $683 (it’s on sale right now for under $500), and the adult model starts at approximately $1,000 (it’s also on sale for $753 right now) on the company’s website.

Buyers can elect to purchase their own battery or buy from GoBoat. The company highly suggests using a lithium battery due to its weight, charging ability, and life span. GoBoat offers its RoyPow 12V 30AH lithium battery for $169.99.

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