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London is a unique city in the UK in terms of both population density and sheer scale. Add in the diverse and ever-changing patient populations, and leaders have a highly specific set of challenges.

Lantum is designed to help leaders make better decisions so that they can meet the complex patient needs of London residents.

Adapting to the unique needs of a sprawling city  

Each of London’s five ICSs face unique challenges because of their rapidly changing patient demographics. The key is finding a better way to connect your flexible staff pool with effective service delivery. When your practices get the support they need, they’re able to deliver better healthcare to their patients.

Leaders have to be able to call on a workforce that’s both robust and adaptable. Specialist areas like dermatology, EA, or phlebotomy need to be catered for just as efficiently as more commonly requested general practice services.

To avoid overstaffing specialist areas, Lantum’s Connected SchedulingTM solution helps deliver an agile workforce able to shift with daily demands. This is especially valuable given higher paitent volumes and rapidly changing demographics in communities across London.

The ability to seamlessly move staff back and forth across organisational boundaries is critical. Lantum gives leaders real oversight by showing them where their staff are working, how they’re being used today, and what’s needed tomorrow.

Lantum provides support across London  

Lantum started as Network Locum back in 2012, giving us a well-established and proven locum presence in the area. This background has enabled us to scale into not just a city-wide solution, but a national one.

Lantum currently partners with South East London ICS to maximise resource sharing across the six boroughs under their control. Before Lantum, administrative boundaries and borders were historically difficult obstacles to navigate – making it harder to make data-driven decisions and carry out day-to-day work at the practice level.

Lantum’s solution was to work side-by-side with leaders from South East London ICS to build an ICS-wide flexible staffing bank. As of April 2023, there are 212 registered practices and 204 clinicians in the staff pool, and 7,061 hours have been posted to Lantum. This is a clear demonstration of how one tool can be used share and allocate existing resources for the benefit of all.

We’re currently working with South East London ICS to help their leadership team roll out solutions for staff types beyond locum GPs, demonstrating Lantum’s commitment to developing organisation-wide workforce solutions above and beyond traditional locum shift tools.

A long-lasting workforce solution that delivers

For more than a decade, Lantum’s been building a skilled network of locums in London and understanding what healthcare leaders need to build a strong workforce.

Through Lantum’s Connected SchedulingTM platform, ICSs can build flexible staff pools, connect with locums long-tmer, and give practices tools to manage their staff more efficiently. When you need to stand up new services quickly, a flexible staff pool can help mobilise your workforce in a matter of days.

There are currently thousands of doctors right across London who choose to work through Lantum in addition to their ICB contracts. This represents a pre-made workforce with the experience, commitment and energy needed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the city’s patients.

Why Lantum is a tool fit for the modern city

Lantum provides leaders a clear view of how staff and resources are being used and allocated. It delivers flexibility, agility and a joined up service across a wide variety of specialist and more general roles. This is essential given the rapidly evolving needs and patient demographics that exist in London in 2023 and beyond.

Lantum supports ICSs in London with:

  • Centralised clinical governance so staff can work across organisations
  • Perks for staff like next-business-day pay with Lantum’s Rocketpay feature
  • Full visibility over available shifts across the region in a variety of clinical settings
  • Automated invoices, pensions and paperwork to reduce the admin burden

Lantum’s award-winning Connected SchedulingTM approach boosts engagement, morale and staff retention all at the same time. It allows leaders like you to see how and where your staff are working at a glance, which is crucial to ensure your ICS can adapt to new pressures.

Lantum currently works with 18 ICSs, 300+ PCNs and 1-in-2 GP practices across England to connect healthcare leaders with their workforce. Learn more about how Lantum delivers ICS solutions across London.



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