Tesla gives rare and interesting look at its Supercharger monitoring system

Tesla has released a rare and interesting look at its latest Supercharger monitoring system, which will become an important tool for managing an increasingly valuable asset.

Older Tesla owners will remember the days when the automaker was operating Supercharger monitoring systems on screens at a select few stations.

You could see the entire global use and output of the Supercharger network on these screens. They were really interesting, and we used them in our reporting a few times.

Now Tesla has revealed the backend of this monitoring system as part of its series of explanatory videos about some features inside Tesla vehicles:

In the video, there were a few frames that revealed the monitoring system, and you could see the status of all Supercharger stations in North America:

It shows that Tesla has access to quite granular details – helping the automaker maintain the level of reliability the Supercharger network is known for.

The image shows that only two out of the nearly 2,000 stations in North America are offline, with two dozen stations having temporary outages or closures.

This kind of data not only helps to keep the Supercharger up and running, it also helps Tesla plan new stations to support high-usage areas.

It is going to be particularly useful in the next few years as Tesla is expected to onboard many new vehicles to the Supercharger network as it itself increases production; on top of that, EVs from other automakers are going to use the charging network through the adoption of NACs.

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