Tesla Model 3 refresh is rumored to feature steer-by-wire, RGB lights, and more

A new report claims that the Tesla Model 3 refresh, or “Project Highland,” will feature steer-by-wire, RGB lights, and more.

Late last year, we started hearing rumors that Tesla was working on a Model 3 refresh that would arrive during the second half of 2023. The project is reportedly codenamed “Project Highland.”

In December, a Model 3 prototype with heavy camouflage was spotted being tested in California. Another prototype was spotted shortly after as Tesla is expected to be closer to releasing the vehicle.

With the heavy camouflage on the front and back of those prototypes, it has been hard to identify any specific change to the Model 3. But in April, the first picture of the new Model 3 without camouflage leaked, giving us our first proper look at the upcoming refresh.

Beyond the visibly updated exterior and an expectation that the refresh will feature Tesla’s new Hardware 4.0 self-driving tech, there isn’t much known about the Model 3 refresh.

Teslascope, a third-party companion app for Tesla owners, claims to have new information about the Model 3 refresh based on alleged discussions with Tesla employees.

The report claims that the refresh is more significant than what was seen in recent sightings. It even alleges that the new model will feature a steer-by-wire system:

Electrek recently reported on Tesla applying for a patent on a new steer-by-wire system.

Teslascope also claims the refresh will feature the new matrix LED lights recently seen on Model S/X, along with RGB ambient lights.

The report claims it will also feature a new bumper camera:

The rest of the report is a bit vaguer but mentions better audio and more comfortable seats. There’s no indication of when the car will launch or at what price.

Electrek’s Take

I’d take this with a grain of salt, especially since the information is a mix of precise new details and vague possible changes, but a lot of it sounds very plausible to me.

Steer-by-wire would be the biggest news here, and it’s not impossible since it is expected to arrive in the Cybertruck, which is nearing launch.

What change are you most excited about in the new Model 3? Let us know in the comment section below.

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