Multiple Nikola electric semitrucks caught on fire, company claims foul play

Multiple Nikola electric semitrucks caught on fire in Phoenix today. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the company suspects foul play.

Nikola Motors is currently in shambles.

The company has always had difficulties finding its footing as it first marketed itself as a natural gas truck maker, then turned hydrogen-truck maker, and finally turned battery-electric/hydrogen-truck maker.

It might have had to do with the fact that it was founded by a guy found guilty of securities fraud and wire fraud related to his work at the company.

Nikola has cut ties with its founder, but the trouble is not over. It has recently cut 270 jobs as it is trying to rein in costs amid a battle to convince shareholders to approve the issuance of more shares in order to provide capital to keep the company going.

The deadline for approval was this month, but the company didn’t get the votes and managed to push the deadline to next month.

Now to add to its trouble, the Phoenix fire department confirmed today that it was working on “multiple electric [semitrucks]” that caught on fire at Nikola’s headquarters:

The fire department has yet to determine a cause for the fire.

Considering Nikola has confirmed having produced only 63 trucks this year and having paused production, multiple truck fires would be a big concern for the company.

But Nikola was quick to release a statement pointing to possible foul play:

Early this morning behind our Phoenix headquarters, a fire occurred which affected multiple battery electric trucks. No one has been injured. Foul play is suspected as a vehicle was seen in the area of the affected trucks just prior to the incident and an investigation is underway. Our team applauds the Phoenix and Tempe Fire Departments for taking quick action and staying on top of the situation.

It appears that, right now, the only thing pointing to foul play is a vehicle spotted prior to the fire.

Electrek’s Take

Is it abnormal for a vehicle to be spotted on the property?

Anyway, the company was quick to claim foul play. It is not impossible, but who would want to do that? It’s not like the company wasn’t already in complete shambles.

Hopefully, the authorities figure this out quickly and that it’s not more fraud involved around Nikola.

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