Porsche develops an electric sports boat using next-gen Macan EV drive tech

Porsche is taking its EV drive tech beyond the roads (and land altogether) in a new partnership with renowned Australian yacht builder, Frauscher Shipyard. The premium German automaker is developing an electric sports boat that will be equipped with the upcoming Porsche Macan EVs drive tech. It’s expected to go on sale next year.

Porsche takes EV tech to sea with electric sports boat

The electric boat “Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air” is designed with elements of Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan sports saloon.

Like the Porsche Taycan, the electric sports boat will feature “impressive acceleration, abundant pulling power, superior continuously available performance, and inspiring design.”

Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman and executive board member for finance and IT at Porsche AG, says the company stands for “state-of-art, high-performance, and sustainable luxury.” He added that the electric boat will offer exceptional performance and luxury experiences like Porsche’s sports cars.

Stean Frauscher, CEO of marketing and sales and grandson to Frauscher Shipyard’s founder, explained:

Electric drives are also increasingly important in our industry as well. On the one hand, they are increasingly enjoying more social acceptance, and on the other our customers are very happy about the advantages of electromobility, namely that it’s quiet, odourless and reliab.

The company has been building electric boats since 1955, but the collaboration with Porsche allows it to establish a lead in the industry, Frauscher explains.

Powered by next-gen Macan EV tech

The EV boat is based on the 8.67-meter-long, 2.49-meter-wide Frauscher 858 daycruiser, carrying the same dimensions.

Meanwhile, Porsche fitted the electric sports boat with its next-gen drive tech, set to be used in the Macan EV. Porsche says it has optimized and further developed its drive tech for road vehicles for use on the water.

The electric watercraft will use the automaker’s 800V PPE platform, including the lithium-ion battery (100 kWh total capacity), its next-gen permanently excited synchronous electric motor (PSM), and associated power electronics.

With 800V tech, Porsche’s electric boat can be charged at DC fast-charging stations (AC charging is also available).

Jörg Kerner, vice president of product line for Macan, explained the company’s ambitions to make the all-electric Macan the “sportiest model in its segment,” and they are now carrying the idea to the electric boat. Kerner went on to say:

The powerful electric motors of the latest generation and the state-of-the-art battery and charge management also work so well on the water is testament to the excellence of our modular Premium Platform Electric.

Like the Frauscher 858 daycruiser, the electric version will fit nine people. It will also include a swimming/lounge platform on the back, two benches, two bimini tops for shade, a premium sound system, and a refrigerator. Porshe says it plays a significant role in the design of the seats and upholstery to provide a high-performance, luxury feel.

Porsche’s electric sports boat is expected to launch next year with an exclusive 25-unit first-edition model. The company’s website has a countdown stating 102 days from today.

The Macan EV is also expected to make its first appearance in 2024. The electric SUV will play a key role in Porsche’s transition to an electric future as its best-selling car.

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