Tesla Full Self-Driving to get out of beta with v12 update – should we care?

Elon Musk says that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is going to get out of “Beta” with the upcoming version 12 update.

Should we care?

While Musk claimed that Tesla’s FSD is in beta to emphasize the need for drivers to pay attention and be ready to take control at all times, many believe that it is also for legal reasons as Tesla refuses to take responsibility for the system in case of an accident.

Tesla first released FSD Beta in October 2020. It is now coming up on three years of beta.

Musk claims that Tesla should achieve full autonomy this year through improvements in FSD Beta, but there are a lot of doubts about the claim.

Now Musk said on Twitter that Tesla would get Full Self-Driving out of beta with the version 12 update.

Tesla is currently on v11.4 of FSD Beta, but it could use every decimal before moving to v12.

Should we care about Tesla FSD getting out of beta?

Over the years, Musk has so often claimed that Tesla was on the verge of achieving “full self-driving capability” that it is hard to believe him now.

It’s not only hard to believe, but it’s also even hard to understand what the actual goal is at this point.

Tesla’s original promise was quite clear: Every car sold since 2016 will be able to drive entirely by itself at a level safer than humans through software updates in the future.

At times, “level 5 SAE” autonomy was mentioned by Musk, and being able to “go to sleep” while the car drives you around.

But since Tesla released its FSD Beta, these previously clear goals have become more vague and disappointing.

Tesla started using terms like “feature complete” and “capable of driving at a level safer than humans,” with FSD Beta, but it has become less clear how Tesla plans to get the FSD out of beta and into a product that can actually have usefulness, like a robot taxi service.

It looks like Tesla has softened its language after missing its goal and timeline a few times.

Now FSD is getting out of beta? Does that actually mean anything? I don’t really know.

What we really want is what was promised, which is a robotaxi service. I doubt that non-beta FSD would come close to that.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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