Stay prepared during any and all weather this season with backup power solution deals from BLUETTI

In late August, Hurricane Idalia touched down on the Gulf side of Florida, resulting in significant damage and power outages throughout the Southeast United States. Unfortunately, natural disasters like this have become all too common as a symptom of climate change, so it’s important to stay prepared. Energy storage solutions provider BLUETTI recognizes the dangers of hurricane season and other inclement weather and is offering sales on a number of backup power solutions to ensure the lights stay on and you and your loved ones stay safe. Head below for a closer look at these limited time deals.

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BLUETTI is aiding in hurricane preparedness

If you’re a fan of the site, you’ve probably seen coverage of BLUETTI’s products in the past. Much like Electrek, BLUETTI is committed to promoting both sustainability and green energy solutions, but while we mostly share news of such topics, BLUETTI provides the world with a growing arsenal of eco-friendly energy storage solutions to fit any use of any size at any budget.

With products now being sold in over 100 countries around the globe, BLUETTI has provided dependable power solutions to millions of customers and will continue to do so for the betterment of our planet.

Following the recent landfall of Hurricane Idalia, the BLUETTI team set its focus on helping customers in need throughout Florida and the Southeast United States. To help others like those in Florida stay prepared, BLUETTI is offering select backup power solutions tax-free, as well as a number of home supplies.

If you’re not in Florida, it’s still important to be prepared with a home power emergency kit, so BLUETTI is offering discounts for all on some of its best portable power stations, including the AC300, B300, and EP500. Check them out.

The AC300 Portable Power Station with B300 batteries / Credit: BLUETTI

Stay prepared for all weather with BLUETTI power stations

BLUETTI has become the top name in eco-friendly energy solutions thanks to the quality of its products, but also its interest in the wellbeing of its customers. With natural disasters like hurricanes becoming more and more common, BLUETTI is encouraging people in those weather-prone regions to make safety and preparedness a priority.

A home emergency kit should include an energy backup solution and/or portable power station to ensure the lights stay on or ensure you have spare power should you have to evacuate. BLUETTI is making these proactive measures easier by providing backup power solutions like its AC300+B300 Combo.


BLUETTI’s AC300+B300 Portable Power Station is on sale now

As a modular energy storage system, the AC300+B300 combo (seen above) can offer a wide range of capacity, anywhere from 3,072Wh all the way to 12,288Wh. Additionally, the system delivers a whopping 3,000-watt output, meaning it is more than capable of keeping your household appliances running during blackouts or other outages in addition to maintaining key accommodations like lighting and heat.

Following days of backup power, the AC300+B300 combo can replenish itself and keep going thanks to solar panels from BLUETTI. For example, the modular system can integrate two or even three PV200 folding solar panels at once to combine for a total solar charging capacity of 2,400W.

The AC300+B300 combo normally sells for $2,999, but for a limited time, BLUETTI is offering the modular power station at a discounted price of $2,599.

Add two of the aforementioned PV200 solar panels to your combo and save $500 ($3,397 total), or pay $3,846 for the three solar panel combo – another $500 discount.

Want to expand your AC300 combo to the max? BLUETTI is also offering a sale on the B300 battery packs for $1,799 – that’s $200 off each.

Additionally, the 3,000kWh+ capabilities of the AC300 system means your purchase is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. Please visit the IRS website or consult a tax professional for more information.

So BLUETTI has you covered on home backup power during hurricanes and other emergency situations, but what about portable power? Fear not, you can also save big on mobile backup solutions like the EP500.

The EP500 is strong yet mobile through any situation

BLUETTI’s EP500 Solar Power Station offers big energy and peace of mind, all with the ease of mobility on four wheels. Its 5,100Wh LiFePO₄ battery and 2,000W pure sine wave inverter offer class-leading home backup power that can support any event, from an outdoor party to a power outage during a storm.

With 15 different power outlets, the EP500 is truly a versatile, all-in-one power solution that also integrates solar charging up to 1,200W to get itself going without any grid dependency. With four wheels, this BLUETTI power station remains quite mobile despite its size.

Stay prepared for whatever energy outages life throws at you with the BLUETTI EP500 – yours today for $3,999. Add three of the PV200 foldable solar panels to your system that BLUETTI is offering at a $500 discount. Everything can be yours for $4,896.

Stay ready and utilize BLUETTI’s power station sales

You never know when a storm, power outage, or other emergency may strike, so it’s important to stay prepared. BLUETTI has you covered with the sales mentioned above, in addition to a vast lineup of portable power solutions.

Take advantage of the sales now so you’re ready for what life throws your way. Whether it’s a hurricane, a camping trip, or a party at the park for your family – BLUETTI’s products can keep you powered up.

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