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Providers Are Embracing Change for Better Care

Healthcare has traditionally been thought of as an industry that was slow to adopt technological change. But the past three years have shown that health systems of all sizes could quickly adapt. For example, rather than taking months or years to deploy telehealth services, many were able to offer virtual care in a matter of days or weeks when the pandemic began.

Perhaps a reframing is needed to better guide healthcare leaders. As CDW Healthcare Strategist Fred Holston puts it: “A lot of people focus on innovation, but it should really be transformation. It’s important to bring in the technology that’s there, change some processes and workflows, and transform the way healthcare is being done today, rather than pushing innovative technologies that may not transform workflows and care in the way an organization wants.”

From its foundation to its future, healthcare is moving toward more seamless and efficient workflows for staff and more collaborative and personalized care for patients.

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A New Season of Digital Transformation for Healthcare

This issue of HealthTech is filled with stories from healthcare organizations that are transforming their approaches to care. For instance, community health centers that make primary care services accessible to underserved and uninsured populations are sharing lessons from their digital transformation journeys amid budget constraints. Learn more in “How Technological Upgrades and Grants Support Better Community Care.”

“We’ve done so much in the past three years. My staff and I are exhausted, but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished,” says Michigan-based Family Health Care CIO Tina McConnell.

Other providers are expanding virtual care offerings. Florida-based Lee Health launched a virtual sitting program that has improved patient safety. Learn more in “Hospitals Find Harmony Through Virtual Sitting Programs.”

As more organizations expand into the digital health space, Colorado-based Mt. San Rafael Hospital CIO Michael Archuleta shares his perspective in “How Healthcare Organizations Are Transforming and Staying Agile.”

“We’re doing the most important thing there is: taking care of people and saving lives,” he says. “I think it’s time for us to step up and be at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation.”



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