Rivian just improved R1T and R1S ride quality through a software update

You may notice your Rivian driving a little smoother lately. That’s because Rivian just improved the ride quality on its R1S and R1T models through its latest software update.

With traditional vehicles, you get what you drive off the lot (unless you modify it yourself); the electric, digital era is changing that.

Many automakers are now introducing OTA capabilities in new EVs, giving way to improved range, features, drive quality, and more.

Rivian has been improving its vehicles through over-the-air (OTA) updates frequently. The EV maker committed to releasing a new software update every month, yet several months have featured even more.

Some of the most noticeable improvements so far include several different added “modes” (camp mode, kneel mode, snow mode), navigation enhancements, added range (through efficiency improvements), and more.

Rivian improves R1S and R1T ride quality via OTA update

The EV maker’s latest update improves drive quality across all drive modes, whether you are cruising on the highway or blazing your own off-road path.


According to Rivian, ride quality has been improved across all drive modes and ride heights in both the R1S and R1T. These enhancements include a more comfortable ride in All-Purpose Soft Ride mode and a better balance between ride and handing in Sport Mode.

In addition, Rivian has reduced the impact when driving over sharp objects in all drive models while minimizing the overall harshness of going over bumps and dips at low speeds.

When driving through parking lots, neighborhoods, or off-road, you may notice less jerking while going over speed bumps or other objects.

Rivian R1S (Source: Rivian)

Rivian’s latest update includes other new features, like a new speed option for ACC or HWA that sets the speed to the detected limit for the road.

A new screen cleaning feature also allows you to disable the driver, center, and rear screens to clean them.

Additional updates include an over 25% range loss improvement during sleep (when Gear Guard is disabled or set to Off at Home), infotainment glitch fixes, and the ability to select a drive mode while planning a trip in the Rivian mobile app.

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