Meet SHANE: an electric two-wheeled vehicle from the original Hoverboard inventor

The creator of the original Hoverboard, Shane Chen, revealed his latest invention Tuesday. Chen introduced SHANE, deemed the first two-wheeled EV concept ready for everyday use.

Hoverboard inventor unveils two-wheeled SHANE EV

Chen developed and patented the first self-balancing Hovertrax scooter, which became known as the Hoverboard, back in 2012.

Despite millions of Chinese copycats flooding the market since it was revealed, Chen holds 76 patents today. Some of his most famous outside of Hoverboard include Solowheel, Orbitwheels, Powerwing, and Aquaskipper.

Chen says SHANE “marks the inaugural moment in auto history that a parallel two-wheeled electric car is practical for everyday driving.”

Although the vehicle looks like a toy from the outside, SHANE is designed to fit five adults comfortably. The inside looks like you are preparing for a futuristic roller coaster.

Once moving, the vehicle’s wheels automatically adjust to keep the car in perfect balance. The creators claim the design enables safe travel at high speeds.

SHANE two-wheeled EV (Source: Inventist, Inc.)

The shifting center of gravity counters the force of driving and braking to maintain stability, “making it as stable and safe as being on four wheels.”

SHANE Two-wheeled EV interior (Source: Inventist, Inc.)

SHANE makes parking and maneuvering a breeze with two-wheel differential speed control. The vehicle’s large wheels minimize rolling resistance and include regenerative shocks to convert damping into energy to charge the battery.

Meanwhile, there’s no mention of it, but SHANE’s roof appears to feature solar panel technology.

SHANE two-wheeled EV concept (source: Inventist, Inc.)

Chen says he “truly believes SHANE will make a difference in how we approach mobility.” He is looking for partners to bring the concept to life.

Electrek’s Take

SHANE is a unique take on modern mobility. If it does come to market, I would expect it to look different than what the concept shows.

The inside doesn’t appear to feature a steering wheel or many controls outside of what’s shown in the center of the driver and passenger. Many concepts include this futuristic design but look closer to what we see on the streets today when they make it to production.

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