Kia EV6 gains cheaper, longer-range Light variant in 2024

Kia wants to offer the right balance of range at an affordable price with the 2024 EV6 electric crossover. With a new EV6 Light Long Range trim, Kia is making it cheaper to get the range you want for a lower price.

Kia to launch a cheaper long-range EV6 variant

According to new order guide data from CarsDirect, the 2024 Kia EV6 Light Long Range will sit between the Light and Wind models.

The cheaper long-range EV6 variant will have an MSRP of $45,950 (excluding destination). Buyers can save $2,750 compared to the 2024 Wind model, which starts at $48,700.

Kia’s base Light (RWD) trim offers 232 EPA-estimated miles of range compared to most long-range variants that provide 310 miles.

Although the long-range configuration will cost you $3,350 more than the standard Light Model, you will gain 78 miles of additional range for nearly $3,000 less than the Wind. A Light Long Range all-wheel-drive variant will also be offered at $49,850.

The EV6 Light Long Range AWD configuration will be available at $2,750 cheaper than the current lowest-priced AWD Wind trim.

Kia limited edition Forest Green EV6 (Source: Kia)

A spokesperson from Kia confirmed to Electrek that the 2024 EV6 will include a Light Long Range variant.

Kia sold 2,084 EV6 models last month in the US, a new September sales record. The automaker has sold 14,798 EV6s through the first nine months of the year.

Electrek’s Take

Although a new trim may not seem like much, it could be significant for Kia. A longer-range EV6 option for a lower price can help lure buyers looking for over 300 miles of range.

Perhaps more importantly, it will position the electric crossover to better compete with Tesla. Following a series of price cuts this year, Tesla’s Model 3 is now the cheapest it’s ever been. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range with 333 miles range currently costs $45,990. Kia’s new EV6 Light Long Range will start at $50 more.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Model 3 is eligible for the $7,500 EV tax credit with purchase, whereas the EV6 is not. That said, Kia is passing the credit on to those leasing the EV6.

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