Subaru finally hops on the Tesla NACS EV charging train

Japanese automaker Subaru finally made the announcement everyone’s been waiting for. Subaru will adopt Tesla’s NACS charging ports for its EVs starting in 2025.

Subaru reached an agreement with Tesla Wednesday to use its extensive Supercharger network.

The company will adopt Tesla’s NACS ports on “certain BEVs” launched in North America starting in 2025. Subaru will also provide access to an adapter for Subaru EV owners with CSS.

Subaru EV drivers with NACS-enabled vehicles will gain access to over 15,000 Tesla Superchargers.

The news comes after Ford scored a deal with Tesla in May to gain access to Tesla’s fast charging network in May. The partnership created a ripple effect throughout the US auto industry. Most automakers, including GM, Volvo, Rivian, Nissan, Mercedes, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Toyota, and others have followed.

Toyota was one of the most recent announcing its plans last month. Subaru, like Toyota, has been a laggard in the US electric vehicle market thus far.

The Solterra EV, currently Subaru’s only all-electric model / Credit: Subaru

Subaru accelerates EV plans with Tesla NACS adoption

The automaker has only one EV for sale in the US, the Subaru Solterra. After launching the Solterra last year, Subaru has sold 5,763 models in the US through September, accounting for 1.2% of overall sales.

Despite this, Subaru appointed a new CEO in March as it steps into a new era. The automaker revealed a new EV strategy this summer, calling for 50% EV sales by 2030.

In the US, its largest market (accounting for roughly 70% of sales), Subaru aims to sell 400,000 EVs in 2028.

Subaru electrification plan update (Source: Subaru)

Although it may not seem like much compared to Tesla’s 435,059 deliveries in Q3, it’s a step up from the previously planned 50/50 HEV mix.

Subaru plans to begin in-house EV production in 2025. Currently, Subaru EV models are built by Toyota on its e-TNGA platform. The platform is used as the base for its bZ4X electric SUV.

It will add dedicated production lines for electric models around 2027. Meanwhile, Subaru expects to begin EV production in the US around that time.

(Source: Subaru)

Subaru plans to launch three new electric SUVs by the end of 2026 and another four EVs over the next two years. By the end of 2028, Subaru plans to have eight total EVs in its lineup.

Electrek’s Take

For Subaru, it’s better late than never to join Tesla’s NACS. Nearly every other automaker has already announced it will move to adopt the charging ports, and now Subaru is on board.

The automaker revealed several new concepts at the Japan Mobility Show, including a Sport Mobility EV and an improved Solterra model.

Will the addition of Tesla NACS charging help boost sales? It’s a good start. Buyers are looking for access to the most convenient and reliable charging networks.

Meanwhile, to hit its newly raised targets, Subaru will need to begin rolling out new EVs quickly. Many automakers and EV startups are releasing their second- and third-gen products already with double-digit (or 100%) EV sales.

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