Volvo gives first look at the EM90’s ‘Scandinavian living room’ interior ahead of debut

Volvo’s first electric minivan will be revealed in less than two weeks. Ahead of its debut, Volvo is giving us our first glimpse of the EM90’s “Scandinavian living room” interior, designed to make the most of time spent in the car.

Volvo has been teasing the EM90, its first all-electric minivan, for several months. It started with a video clip showing a lounge-like area as the camera zooms out to reveal the EM90’s boxy exterior.

A few weeks ago, the first images of the Volvo EM90’s exterior surfaced online, revealing the electric minivan in full. The images, published by China’s MIIT, revealed a Volvo EV unique from what we have seen so far.

Based on the ZEEKR 009, the Volvo EM90 shares many of the same design features. Volvo’s electric minivan will use parent company Geely’s SEA platform, the same used for the Polestar 4.

Although they share the same platform, Volvo included several new design features. Up front, you can see its unique signature “Thor hammer” LED headlights, which will debut on new electric SUVs.

Volvo EM90 electric minivan (Source: China MIIT)

It will also wear an illuminated Volvo badge. Meanwhile, the boxy rear features a new light strip. Compared to the ZEEKR, the EM90 features a simpler front grille, more of what you would expect from Volvo.

According to the filing, the EM90 will be 205″ (5,206 mm) long, 80″ (2,024 mm) wide, and 72″ (1,859 mm) tall, slightly bigger than the Mercedes EQV.

The electric minivan will be offered with a 272 hp rear electric motor, though a four-wheel drive option is likely. ZEEKR’s 009 is offered with either a 116 kWh battery pack with up to 436 miles (700 km) of CLTC range or a 140 kWh that can travel up to 510 miles (822).

Volvo teases EM90’s ‘Scandinavian living room’ interior

In its latest tease, Volvo gave us our first look at the EM90’s promised “Scandinavian living room” interior.

Volvo previously said it designed the EM90 to “make the most of the time spent in the car” rather than be a means of getting from point A to point B.

The EM90 has the most spacious and flexible interior of anything it’s ever offered, according to Volvo. The interior is a “premium 6-seater that provides everyone with their own zone and space.”

Volvo teases first images of EM90’s interior (Source: Volvo Cars)

This includes personalized entertainment, an “elegant touchscreen,” and comfort settings. Volvo says various options can be controlled through the armrest.

Second-row passengers will be treated with “all the amenities they could wish for.” Volvo included features such as massaging seats, individual heating and ventilation, and built-in tables and cupholders to make the EM90 suitable for work or pleasure.

Sophie Li, head of design at Volvo Design Studio in Shanghai, explained:

In creating the EM90 interior, we focused on a car that works just as well when you’re on the move for work as when you travel with your family. This was an exciting assignment for the entire design team.

The second-row lounge seats will also feature zero-gravity cushions. Meanwhile, third-row seating can be easily accessed by sliding the rear doors and second-row seats.

Volvo teases first images of EM90’s interior (Source: Volvo Cars)

To provide a “genuine Scandinavian mood,” the panoramic sunroof covers the entire cabin. It also includes a curtain and several ambient light settings to fit any mood.

Li added:

Whichever interior room you choose, you can be sure that you’ll travel inside a premium, stylish and calming interior that reflects modern Volvo Cars design.

Volvo included genuine Scandinavian design details throughout the interior. Features like Orrefors crystal used in the gear shifter to back-lit wood panels on the dash, doors, and back of front row seats give it the true Volvo feel.

(Source: Volvo Cars)

The upholstery and patterns are inspired by a blend of Scandinavian nature and Asian art. For example, the seat upholstery patterns are inspired by mountain ranges.

Volvo’s EM90 is set to make its official debut on November 12. Pre-orders will start for customers in China on the same day. Check back for more details as we approach the launch date.

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