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Review: The Honeywell CT30 XP HC Mobile Computer Is a Trusty Sidekick for Clinicians

Healthcare settings possess unique challenges related to safe and efficient patient care, including ease of workflow and clinical communication. Driven by patient and staff satisfaction rates and tight budgets, administrators must adopt tools that not only are cost-effective but also help to streamline workflow to keep operations running smoothly.  

Hectic healthcare environments require budget-friendly tools and devices with extensive lifecycles. Durability and longevity are imperative because each device must withstand multiuser traffic, the frequent application of strong disinfectants and accidental drops.

Nurses and clinicians need portable workflow solutions that are easy to use and that actually support them. The sleek, lightweight Honeywell CT30 XP HC mobile computer, designed for use in a healthcare environment, fits easily into scrub pockets or may be worn with a clip, barely noticeable during a long, busy shift. Its rugged design can resist all-day use and cumulative wear and tear, a handy sidekick that supports healthcare workers on the go.  

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A Mobile Device That Stays Cool Under Pressure

Frontline staff know the importance of productivity and safe, accurate patient care. Having a handheld functional tool that can ease daily tasks not only saves time but enhances employee efficiency, thereby improving the overall patient experience.

The CT30 XP HC is an enterprise-class mobile device that can manage all-day, multiuser access without compromising vital patient information or processing power. It provides accelerated data capture and enhanced communication between staff, built on the Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, a unified, secure hardware and software foundation.

The option for Wi-Fi 6 increases connection reliability and widens the overall range, something large facilities rely on. Team communication becomes simple and convenient with the push-to-talk feature. Speaking to another person or even a large group, whether in the lowest level or on the top floor, is just a tap away.

The warm-swappable battery can be replaced between shifts, so staff can rely on continuous use without the need to stop and charge. The HD touch-screen display (2160x1080p) offers user-friendly high visibility.

Healthcare workers will appreciate the effortless tracking features built into the seventh-generation scanner — good for patient identification, specimen collection and inventory maintenance. The CT30 XP HC improves documentation of patient belongings, quickly scanning for identification, photographing items upon admission and tracking them throughout the patient’s stay, ultimately minimizing lost and damaged item claims.

A Durable Tool That Is Ready for the Long Haul

Accidental drops are bound to happen, so healthcare settings need the most durable devices. The equipment has to endure not only the shock of drops but also the continued use of harsh disinfectants that can easily break down the device’s exterior. 

Although the CT30 XP HC looks sleek, slender and delicate, it’s one tough cookie. During testing, it survived multiple drops to concrete from a 5-foot height and 500 tumbles from shorter distances.

The disinfectant-ready housing design allows for cleaning without worry. Users can confidently disinfect their mobile computers frequently without causing cracks or fading in the exterior. 

Honeywell’s convenient, pocket-sized solution, designed with healthcare workers in mind, can improve the staff experience by streamlining workflows and offers a smoother, more integrated patient experience as well.     


DIMENSIONS: 6.06×2.99×0.50 inches
WEIGHT: 7.6 ounces with battery pack
DISPLAY SIZE: 5.5 inches
PROCESSOR: Qualcomm QCM4290/QCS4290 octa-core, 2GHz
CAMERA: 8 megapixels, front; 13 megapixels, rear
BATTERY: 10-plus hour Li-ion, 3.6V, 3400mAh, warm-swappable



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