Polestar Day news hub: new Korea factory, 350kW DC, V2G, Autonomy

We’re on the ground at Polestar Day in Santa Monica, where Polestar is going over its technology strategy for media, investors, and owners, with several new announcements and a chance for ride-alongs in their upcoming Polestar 3 and 4 vehicles.

Hot on the heels of Polestar’s Q3 earnings call yesterday, the company is hosting an event in Santa Monica, California today to showcase its future plans for its vehicle line and business strategy.

Polestar made several announcements this morning already, but we’ll be wandering around all day and hopefully have some updates for you if we learn anything interesting and new. We’ve already been promised ride-alongs in the Polestar 3 and 4 and a demonstration of some of Polestar’s V2G technology.

We’re also hoping to hear more about Polestar’s autonomous driving ambitions.

Until then, here is a list of announcements that were already made this morning:

Out front before the event starts, we got a quick chance to sit in the Polestar 4, which feels quite nice, and is smaller than I expected. Feels more like a large sedan than a small SUV. I’m a fan so far! But the user interface had a few moments of lag while swiping around on the maps.

We’re inside, and the stage is set for the event to begin.

Ingenlath’s presentation mostly includes the news we’ve linked above, a discussion for investors, and recapping recent Polestar news (e.g. the Polestar smartphone).

Now head of design Maximilian Missioni is on stage talking about sustainable material use in current and upcoming Polestar cars. Mentioned heavy use of natural fiber composites, made from flax, to replace plastics in the Polestar 5.

He also said that the Polestar 5 and 6 will be produced in a new factory specializing in Polestar’s new bonded aluminum chassis, a platform that Polestar is designing on its own (as opposed to current cars that are on shared platforms with Geely and Volvo).

Time to walk around now. The Polestar Synergy concept looks cool as heck.

We got a demo of StoreDot’s 350kW-capable battery, which has a flat charging curve of up to 80%, enabling much faster charging than modern vehicles.

Polestar is using sustainable materials for its “Polestar 0” concept, where it wants to have a fully climate-neutral car on the road and purchaseable by 2030. This includes plant-based composites and a really cool “fake” wood that is made by using recycled paper, provided by a Swedish company called PaperShell. We had a great conversation about sustainability with CEO Anders Breitholtz.

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