Tesla Cybertruck shows about 267 miles of range on prototype

Tesla Cybertruck’s range is put into question after a prototype is shown to have about 267 miles.

What will be the EPA range?

Earlier this week, we shared a sighting of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype that included a rare good look at the interior of the pickup truck.

There have been reports of people seeing their delivery event invite revoked after sharing the video.

Now, there’s a theory that it might not be because it showed the vehicle’s interior but because you can get a good idea of the range of the Cybertruck from the sighting.

The center displayed is briefly shown in the video:

Even though Tesla is using a percentage for the battery’s state of charge rather than the remaining range in miles, we can still get a pretty good idea of the “displayed range” with some simple math.

The navigation shows that there are still 16 miles in the current trip and the truck expects to be at 65% state of charge (down from 71%) by the time it gets there.

If you scale that up, it would add up to about 267 miles of range at 100% state-of-charge.

Now, that’s not the EPA range. That’s the displayed range extrapolated from the navigation system, which accounts for many factors, like wind speed, elevation, traffic, etc.

We recently reported on Tesla listing all the factors that affect predicted range in navigation.

The EPA range should be significantly longer, but some reservation holders are worried because Tesla has been talking about a range of over 300 miles for the dual-motor version of the Cybertruck, which is expected to be the first to launch.

We should get all the details in just a few weeks at the Cybertruck delivery event on November 30.

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