Tesla Cybertruck faces criticism as videos of winter woes surface

Videos of Tesla Cybertrucks stuck in the snow are starting to come out as people laugh at the supposedly rugged vehicle, but it is to be expected.

Tesla fans love to use anecdotal examples that show the automaker in a good light. Therefore, they can’t be too mad when Tesla haters do the same to prove their points.

That’s what appears to be happening now with the Cybertruck.

Tesla has marketed the Cybertruck as a rugged all-electric pickup truck capable of withstanding the toughest conditions.

CEO Elon Musk even said that it would be a great truck for the apocalypse.

But naysayers are already using examples of Cybertrucks stuck in the snow to claim that the electric pickup truck is not all that.

We reported on a Cybertruck prototype stuck down a hill on a snowy off-road trail last month.

Now, a video of a Tesla Cybertruck stuck in a snowy driveway is going viral:

I must admit that this is a funny line, but it is to be expected that those trucks will be stuck in the snow at times.

First off, trucks get stuck in weird situations every now and again; there’s no getting around it.

But I think it will be more common with Cybertruck due to the buyer demographic. You are likely to have first-time truck buyers who are mostly Tesla fans getting those early units and they are not used to trucks.

They might think that it can handle everything out of the box when there are actually some skills involved.

Also, the Cybertruck comes with all-terrain tires that are not optimized for driving in the snow.

There’s no reason that the Cybertruck wouldn’t handle snow well with its ground clearance and dual motor powertrain as long as it has good traction, which requires good winter tires or chains.

Tesla is primarily delivering the vehicle in California and Texas right now. So, you have many Californians, who are not used to snow, driving up the snowy mountains in their Cybertrucks thinking that it can handle everything, but there are some situations where chains or tracks would be needed.

In conclusion, yes, you can laugh at Cybertrucks being stuck in the snow, but I wouldn’t necessarily judge the truck’s capabilities based on those videos.

We are going to need some thorough third-party testing before passing judgement.

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