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Product Review

Mobile Magic

Healthcare workers on the go can rely on the durable, responsive, purpose-built DT Research 313MD Rugged 2-in-1 Medical Tablet.


Building Trust

Healthcare organizations still lag behind those in other industries when it comes to zero-trust adoption. Understanding its benefits may drive change.

IT Futurist

Pair Up

Digital twin technology can help physicians and researchers better understand population health and even treat heart disorders.

FAQ Five

Stronger Bonds

Managed services can provide health systems with partners to help deliver exemplary patient care.

Get Smart

Power Boost

End of life for Windows 10 is October 2025. Stay ahead of the game with this action plan for making the upgrade.



See More, Do More

SIEM systems give security teams a more holistic look at who’s trying to gain access to their network. It works best when built on a strong security foundation.


Under Control

Healthcare organizations are using Internet of Things-enabled climate-control systems to conserve energy and improve conditions for patients.


The Road Ahead

The good, the bad and the unpredictable? Four industry experts discuss the role of generative artificial intelligence in healthcare and its potential.


Time to Shine

Industry leaders look to streamline IT workflows, refine digital health tools and explore the potential of generative artificial intelligence.


Contributor Column

A Sure Sign

Family Health Care’s CIO and chief security and privacy officer shares her journey from educator to healthcare IT to encourage others to become leaders.



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