777 hp electric overland concept from Italdesign bows in Beijing [video]

The all-new, all-electric Italdesign Quintessenza concept is a high-tech Italian take on the Porsche Dakar concept that’s just begging to be put into production.

Making its debut at the Beijing Auto Show, the Italdesign Quintessenza concept embodies both the dynamic prowess of a GT and the versatile adaptability of a pick-up truck. At least, that’s what its makers say. And, if your idea of a pickup truck leans more towards “Subaru Brat” than “Ford F-150 Lightning,” that’s probably right!

The rear section of the Quintessenza converts from a “hatchback” to an open “pickup” bed in true Brat fashion. The rear seats are designed to flip 180-degrees backwards, providing a rear-facing, panoramic “stargazing” mode that promises, “(the) experience and feeling of connection with nature and the outside world.”

Stargazing mode

In its more conventional GT “mode,” the Quintessenza is arguably the best-looking Italdesign concept to come out in years, with vertical lighting elements up front and aggressively-sculpted rear haunches that this writer thinks would be a natural for Audi.

Those design elements aren’t just aesthetic – they’re loaded with electronics. “Two aerodynamic fins that integrate the ADAS systems are present on the upper back of the roof, at the level of the C-pillars,” reads the official release. “They map the surrounding environment when the satellite signal is poor, and offer multifunction lights indicating the car’s driving mode and braking when the hard top is removed.”

Quintessenza vertical elements

So, what kind of vehicle is the Italdesign Quintessenza? Is it a true overland GT, in the style of the Porsche Dakar or 911 SC/RS (the rally car that became the 959)? Is it a high-end spin on the classic Subaru Brat? A futuristic Ute for traversing the Australian outback? Or is it something else entirely?

That’s above our pay grades – but you, dear readers? You guys know what’s up, so check out the official Quintessenza launch video (below), then let us know what you think of Italdesign’s latest in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Italdesign Quintessenza


  • Length 5561 mm
  • Height 1580 mm
  • Width (front/rear) 2200 mm
  • Wheelbase 3240 mm
  • Front overhang 1003 mm
  • Rear overhang 1318 mm
  • Number of passengers 2+2
  • Body Lightweight Aluminum structure
  • Ground height Adjustable 200-280 mm


  • Battery 150kWh/800V
  • Power 580kW (approx. 777 hp)
  • Range 750 Km (approx. 465 miles)
  • 0-100 Km/h < 3 seconds
  • 1 Electric Drive Unit Front axle
  • 2 InWheel motor rear axles

SOURCE | IMAGES: Italdesign.

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