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Digital health and data across the ICS regions in 2024: South West – htn

Having worked in all but one of the South West ICSs and aided by a highly skilled technical team based in the region, ReStart has a wealth of experience in data migration and interoperability across the South West.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) needed a data archive solution, and they needed one fast…

To enable seamless data migration to their new SystmOne EPR, the Trust had a 90 day window to get an archive solution in place – it had to be simple to navigate, allow access to historic data, integrate with in-context launch from SystmOne EPR and offer a single-click access into patients’ archived records.

With such a rapid schedule to go live, DPT and ReStart commenced the challenge of building and customising the archive solution around the Trust’s requirements. This was intensified by the complexity of the structured data and many user defined forms, plus a vast number of forms that needed to be built to clinicians specific needs.

Having data migrated to SystmOne offered much more flexibility in sharing appropriate patient data with other local organisations across the ICS. ReStart’s IMX Archive solution enabled DPT to access ‘in context’ patient data, held in their database, in an easy-to-read format which is secure and accessible via the new EPR system.

Following successful testing between both digital and clinical teams, go live was achieved well within the 90 day deadline.  As of go live the clinical teams have rapid access to their legacy data, accessed via an ‘in context’ link within the new SystmOne EPR.

Integrating ePMA in mental health

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) had a vital requirement to implement an Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) system and integrate to an intelligent medicine cabinet. This sounds simple enough, but with their original PAS system unable to support the implementation, the project required a Trust Integration Engine to be rapidly deployed, to facilitate the data exchange and support the transmission of Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) messages. As a result of real collaboration with the Trust, full rollout of the solution was achieved on schedule for all inpatient wards at the mental health trust.

The implementation of ePMA contributed to improved operational efficiency at DPT. Clinicians now find their tasks streamlined, saving valuable time when prescribing and administering medicines. The shift from manual to digital has increased transparency, with a noticeable reduction in missed tasks. Vast improvements to reporting and plans to introduce a comprehensive dashboard overview are now on the horizon.

“The work with ReStart delivered integration to reduce burden for staff, increase the consistency of data and improve the quality and safety of the care and treatments we offer”. Rafael Sorribas, Chief Information Officer, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Epic support across Devon

With the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Trust having opted for Epic’s EPR solution, neighbouring Trusts; Torbay and South Devon and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, have both selected Epic as preferred supplier for their electronic patient record systems.

The Trusts will no doubt be grateful of advice and guidance from the Royal Devon, however they also recognise the need for specialist support for such a strategic and transformational project. With experience in supporting the recent Epic roll out across multiple Trusts in London, ReStart were asked to offer specialist services for the pending South West projects.

ReStart’s technical team will offer interoperability services including technical, integration and development services to support the Trusts. The deployment of Epic will require the migration of existing data and ongoing integration of system wide data, to give staff a complete overview of a patient’s care record and support a joined-up approach to care through access to more accurate data, in real-time. 

ReStart has worked with 49% of NHS Trusts, providing 24/7 integration support to 20% of Trusts and currently working in over 50% of ICS’s. ReStart’s team of interoperability experts and solutions connect healthcare leaders to support patient care across all regions.

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