Smartphone builder Xiaomi rolls 10,000 units of its flagship SU7 off assembly line in just 32 days

Just over a month after launching its first-ever BEV, smartphone developer, Xiaomi is touting some big production numbers for the SU7. Better yet, such output supports encouraging orders to date as the Chinese tech company is off to a hot start in its newly entered vehicle manufacturing segment.

As a Chinese electronics company specializing in smartphones, we never covered Xiaomi here at Electrek. Not until the company announced plans for a new EV arm called Xiaomi Automotive in March 2021.

Since then, we’ve followed the tech company closely to see if it could do something its rival Apple has yet to do… deliver its own branded BEV. We got our first glimpse of Xiaomi’s first model – the SU7 in November 2023, and a month later, it officially launched the BEV as a challenger to Porsche and, of course, Tesla.

At the time, we shared that Xiaomi believed it could entice would-be buyers from its existing customer base of 20 million smartphone users in China by offering a holistic system between the SU7 and other Xiaomi devices as a selling point.

It was correct.

The BEV received over 50,000 orders in the first 27 minutes of going on sale, creating a waitlist of up to seven months. This led Xiaomi to rethink its production strategy and try to crank out more SU7s than originally planned to keep up with demand. Although it is new to EVs, Xiaomi appears to be wielding its manufacturing expertise, and its assembly lines are humming in China, just one month in.

Xiaomi SU7
Source: Xiaomi Automobile/Weibo

Xiaomi SU7 orders top 75,000 as production ramps up

Per a Weibo post from Xiaomi Automobile today, orders for the SU7 had reached 75,723 units in the first 28 days since its launch in China. To keep up with this growing order book, Xiaomi is ramping up BEV production with hopes of delivering 100,000 SU7 EVs this year.

It is well on its way as the tech company turned automaker is already celebrating its 10,000th build, just 32 days after the SU7 launch. Of those builds, 5,781 SU7s have already been delivered in China, although the company already hinted at plans for expansion into new markets:

We believe that one day, there will be Xiaomi cars riding on every road around the world!

The SU7 originally launched in three separate variants: Standard, Pro, and Max – priced at RMB 215,900 ($29,850), RMB 245,900 ($34,000), and RMB 299,900 ($41,450), respectively. Last week, Xiaomi founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun said the company is targeting 10,000 SU7 deliveries in June, which is more evidence of its continued ramp-up.

This is an automaker to keep an eye on; it’s an impressive start so far.

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