Tesla Model Y tops list of most American-made cars

Tesla Model Y has again topped the list of most American-made cars, but the electric automaker has lost its clean sweep of the top 4.

Thanks to Tesla’s vertical integration approach, which results in the automaker making a lot of its parts itself and in the US for the vehicles it manufactures in North America, the automaker is consistently ranking amongst those making the most “American-made” vehicles.

Cars.com tries to track which automakers and models, in particular, are the most “American-made” with its annual American-Made Index (AMI).

Last year, Tesla snapped up the top 4 position on the list with Model Y, Model 3, Model X, and Model S in that order.

    Today, the publication has released its 2024 list and Tesla retains the top position with Model Y and has 3 vehicles in the top 10, but it lost its clean sweep of the top 4 positions:

    1. Tesla Model Y: Fremont, Calif. and Austin, Texas
    2. Honda Passport: Lincoln, Ala.
    3. Volkswagen ID.4: Chattanooga, Tenn.
    4. Tesla Model S: Fremont, Calif.
    5. Honda Odyssey: Lincoln, Ala.
    6. Honda Ridgeline: Lincoln, Ala.
    7. Toyota Camry: Georgetown, Ky.
    8. Jeep Gladiator: Toledo, Ohio
    9. Tesla Model X: Fremont, Calif.
    10. Lexus TX Princeton, Ind.

    According to cars.com, the Model 3 didn’t make the top 10 this time because of “changes in workforce and domestic parts content”:

    Austin-based Tesla failed to repeat its 2023 sweep of the top four spots, with the Model X dropping to No. 9 and the Model 3 landing at No. 21 due to changes in workforce and domestic parts content, respectively. Despite this, Tesla still landed four of its vehicles on this year’s Index — three in the top 10 — and was also the only domestic automaker in the top 10.

    I would assume that it has to do with Tesla now using more Chinese batteries in the base versions of the Model 3.

    Tesla Cybertruck also hasn’t made the list, which is interesting considering it has been expected, like most Tesla vehicles, to make the top 10 at least.

    Another interesting fact is that the VW ID.4, the only non-Tesla EV in the top 10, is climbing. It was number 6 last year and is now number 3.

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