Watch this new electric mountain bike attempt a crazy 30-foot jump

If you thought electric bikes were just for commuting to work or cruising the local beach path, think again. High-end electric bikes that combine electric motors with quality bike components result in some high-flying eMTBs that can safely and repeatedly catch big air. And the latest example comes to us by way of Canadian e-bike company Biktrix’s updated Monte Capro line.

You’ll want to see the big air this e-bike can catch when ridden by a capable jumper.

The Monte Capro series actually debuted over a year ago, but now Biktrix is launching a second generation of the e-bikes with upgraded features.

The carbon frame e-bikes feature high-quality front and rear suspension that makes those cheap knock-off eMTBs look like bicycle-shaped objects.

There are also two different motor options depending just how nuts you want to get with your power.

The more modestly outfitted version is the Biktrix Monte Capro Lite, which uses a 500W Bafang M600 motor with 120 Nm of torque. It’s probably more than enough for most riders out there, but there’s a bigger brother option for those that want to get crazier.

The Biktrix Monte Capro Ultra 2 uses the infamous Bafang Ultra M620 motor that puts out over 1,000W of continuous power and 160 Nm of torque.

That’s the version that you can see hitting a 30-foot (9-meter) jump in the video below (though it’s actually the first-generation bike).

Both the Lite and Ultra 2 versions of the Monte Capro come with torque sensors for more responsive pedal assist. They also both feed that pedal assist through a pretty decent 11-speed SRAM NX transmission. Each model comes standard with a 48V 17Ah battery with 840 Wh of capacity, which is probably a wise choice to provide enough range for those powerful and torquey motors.

Quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes grace both models, which will help with those punchy one-finger stops while flying downhill on loose terrain.

Thumb throttles are also available for those that want to blast along without pedaling – a thought that is likely blasphemous to our European readers across the pond.

The Lite version comes in three different carbon fiber frame sizes and three colors of black, red, or white. The Ultra 2 seems to have just a single frame size but comes in either a 3? MTB tire or a 4.8? extra fat tire. The Ultra 2 also has four color options of red, yellow, black, and blue.

The Lite is of course more budget-friendly, though the $4,499 price tag isn’t exactly chump change. It definitely goes down easier than the $5,999 price of the Ultra version.

Electrek’s Take

These e-bikes look pretty darn impressive. Between the two Monte Capro models, I think I’d be more at home on the Lite. It’s just 40 lb. (18 kg), which is a pretty crazy low weight for a high-power full-suspension e-bike like this. It’s only a pound and a half heavier than a significantly more expensive Specialized eMTB that isn’t even as powerful.

The 500W motor on the Lite model is also plenty of power. I love that Ultra motor and I’ve ridden plenty of e-bikes that use it, but for true trail riding, that big motor is likely overpowered.

Just make sure you ride these types of e-bikes responsibly when you’re around other riders and that you stick to trails that allow throttle-enabled e-bikes. Or unplug that throttle and limit the speed to 20 mph to stay legal as a Class 1 e-bike, which will likely net you access to a larger number of trails and bike parts.

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