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‘What the Gut?’ museum educates the public about gut health

Yogurt brand Activia has partnered with a leading TV doctor to launch a museum aimed at educating the public about gut health.

The ‘What the Gut?’ museum, developed in collaboration with Dr Zoe Williams, will provide visitors with an interactive, immersive and highly visual experience.

The museum will be based in the heart of London’s Soho on Greek Street and is open to visitors on February 15-16.

Recent consumer research by Activia found a serious lack of understanding and confusion about what the gut’s role is, how it functions and how we can look after it.

Nearly a half (47 per cent) of respondents don’t know where to start when it comes to their gut health.

With that in mind, Activia aims to demystify the gut and champion the importance of gut health with the new exhibition.

Rachel Wright, Head of Marketing at Activia, said:

“At Activia, we’re passionate about happy guts. However, our research highlights that people are confused when it comes to gut health.

“That’s why we wanted to create an immersive experience for the public to not only enjoy, but also learn more about the importance of gut health and the significant role it plays.

“A healthy and happy gut makes you feel good from the inside out and ready to live life to the fullest.”

Visitors to the museum will begin their journey by walking through the mouth-shaped entrance.

They will then walk through key components that make up the gut, including the oesophagus, stomach and intestines.

From there, the visitors will get to walk through two distinct rooms – the first will educate them on the connections the gut has to the rest of the body such as mind and mood, and in the final space, they’ll get to hear from Dr Williams how to look after their gut.

Dr Zoe Williams said:

“The gut is such an important part of our body and does so much more than digestion, it has many amazing connections which impact different facets of our health.

“However, research has revealed a huge information gap when it comes to the gut.

“Looking after it is fundamental and the ‘What the Gut?’ museum provides an immersive way to learn more.

“Knowledge is power, and so the more we know, the more we can look after our guts, and live healthier, happier lives.”

Tickets are free to the public and are available here.



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