Lift Foils upgrades its rider- and price-friendly electric hydrofoil designed for beginners

Electric hydrofoil veteran Lift Foils continues to showcase innovation that helped form an entirely new marine segment with its latest product launch – an upgraded version of the LIFT3 F which initially debuted last year. This revamped eFoil features two new color options, a redesigned aluminum mast, and a reinforced propeller featuring standard pitch, ideal for beginner-level riders the eFoil was designed for. Check it out.

Lift Foils is a Puerto Rico-based company that was founded by a surfer named Nick Leason in 2013. With a decade of experience developing boards that cut above the waves, the company proclaims itself as the “creator of the original eFoil.”

Over that timespan, Lift Foils has expanded its presence to over 80 different countries with the assistance of over 300 affiliates helping sell its eFoils like the carbon fiber-clad LIFT3. In 2022, Lift launch the LIFT3 F – a lower priced version of the 3 designed with beginner riders in mind.

Today, Lift Foils has introduced an updated version of the LIFT3 F, complete with new colors and more reliable materials, all crafted in-house by the company’s engineers.

Lift Foils’ new eFoil is awesome if you have the money

Lift Foils launched the upgraded version of the LIFT3 F today, complete with a full six-minute video you can view below. According to the company, this new version picks up where its predecessor left off in providing a reliable board to beginners, experienced eFoil riders looking to ride with family and friends, and schools wanting to offer a sturdy board for novices to learn on.

You get all that, plus a slew of material upgrades including a new Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) propeller and shroud and a revamped mast made from precision-machined aluminum alloy (see images above). Lift explains that these new materials increase the rigidity, stability, and durability of the eFoil, contributing to its versatility for beginners to advanced riders. Lift Foils founder and CEO Nick Leason spoke:

We are very passionate about eFoiling. We want to share the breathtaking feeling of flying above the water effortlessly and in silence, as well as share that unmatched sense of adventure and thrill with everyone we know. We worked very hard to craft a beautiful, yet price-accessible product, without sacrificing Lift Foils’ premium quality. Owning a Lift Foils board, means you are investing in a brand that will do right by its customers every time.

The LIFT3 F comes available in two sizes – 4’9? and 5’4? – and is available in two new colors, Iceberg Blue and Sunset Peach. LIFT3 F customers can also choose between the Lift Light Battery Gen2 for less weight and an hour of ride time or the Lift Full Range Battery Gen2 to gain up to two hours on the water.

The new LIFT3 F starts at a price of $8,995 including the Light battery, or you can add the Full Range pack for an extra $1,000. By comparison, the beginner version still costs $3,000 less than the LIFT3, but eFoils themselves are an expensive hobby for sure.

The revamped LIFT 3 F is available to order now via the Lift Foils website. Check out the full launch video below.

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