BLUETTI’s got unmissable Prime Day deals on its solar generators

Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, and BLUETTI is delivering huge early-bird deals right now on its solar-powered generators – but don’t delay! Here are four great BLUETTI products below that can be had right now for a steal.

BLUETTI spring sale

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station | 2,000W 2,000Wh

The compact AC200P Portable Power Station is a top pick for plug-and-play power. It’s ideal for both outdoor activities and emergency home backup should the power go out. It features a 2000W pure sine wave inverter and a LiFePO4 battery with more than 3,500 life cycles to 80%. It also boasts 17 outlets that ensure any device can be charged without hassle.

It’ll run a 5,000 BTU air conditioner for between one and four hours and a 70W car fridge for 20 hours.

And when it’s time to charge up the AC200P, this eco-friendly power source is versatile: It can be charged up by everything from an AC outlet to solar panels.

The BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station is on sale for Prime Day for $1,119, down from $1,659.

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station | 2,200W 2,048Wh

The versatile AC200Max Expandable Power Station packs a punch – it offers the option to boost power by connecting it to two B230 battery modules at 6,144Wh or two B300 battery modules at 8,192Wh using a D050S connection cable.

And the AC200MAX is impressive just on its own: It has a 2,048Wh capacity and can deliver 2,200W to multiple devices, and it also features two top-mounted wireless charging pads. It’s a quality power source that delivers the power you need consistently, both indoors and out.

Its LiFePO4 battery can power a 10W light bulb for more than 150 hours or a 5000 BTU air conditioner for between one and four hours.

And when it’s time to charge up the AC200MAX, 900W of solar power can do it in 3-3.5 hours, and a 500W AC adapter has it ready to go in 5.5-6 hours.

Like the AC200P, the AC200MAX can deliver 3,500 cycles yet will still retain 80% of its original capacity.

The BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station is on sale for Prime Day for $1,499, down from $1,959 – at $460 off, that’s a bargain.

BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station | 600W 268Wh

The BLUETTI EB3A is a very capable power station – it’s got nine outlets to charge multiple devices at once, so it can easily function as a backup generator if your power goes out, and this compact clean energy source of power is great to take on a camping trip.

A 100W laptop can be powered up 3.5 times, a 20W fan can be run for 11 hours – and with the hot summer we’re having, that’s essential on a camping trip! – and a 60W mini fridge can be kept humming along for 3.6 hours.

And when it’s time to charge the EB3A up again, there are plenty of choices, including via an AC outlet, solar panels, a car cigarette lighter, AC + solar, and AC + adapter. Using a PV200 solar panel charges the EB3A up in just two hours.

The EB3A has a LiFePO4 battery and Battery Management System that delivers 2,500 life cycles to 80%.

BLUETTI’s Prime Day deal is offering an EB3A Portable Power Station for an incredible $209, down from $299.


BLUETTI AC300 + 1 B300 bundle

Whether it’s building a van-life power system or providing enough power for DIY, gardening and more, the AC300 + 1 B300 bundle consistently exceeds expectations. 

On the home front, the AC300 + B300 can prevent spoiled food in fridges and piles of dirty laundry when the power goes out, as they’re capable of running anything from coffee makers to a 700W refrigerator and a 500W washing machine.

The modular AC300 combo bundle uses a LIFEPO4 battery with over 3,500 life cycles to 80%. It features a 3000W pure sine wave inverter with 16 outputs.

BLUETTI’s Prime Day deal has an AC300 + 1 B300 home battery backup bundle on sale for just $2,999, marked down from $3,498. 


With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI is committed to sustainability, offering quality green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. BLUETTI products are available in more than 70 countries and are trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online.

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