BLUETTI’s Black Friday bargains and a brand-new power station – revealed

Black Friday 2023 is fast approaching, and portable power trailblazer BLUETTI is launching astonishing discounts of up to $2,400 from November 17.

From portable power solutions to expandable battery packs, BLUETTI’s Black Friday deals are the most exciting yet in 2023. BLUETTI is also unveiling its all-new AC200L power generator at an unbeatable early-bird price. Keep reading to discover what amazing deals can be had until November 27!

Backup and off-grid living


The Black Friday deal price is $2,799 with a free 120V home integration kit (reg. $619) 

The AC300 system switches over in 20 milliseconds, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. It offers a scalable capacity that ranges from 3,072Wh to a colossal 12,288Wh when paired with two to four B300 packs. With 3,000W of max power and 16 versatile outlets, you can charge all your essential home appliances, including refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners, and more. Plug it into solar panels for 2,400W charging, and you’ll have a stable stream of clean power to keep things humming during extended power outages.


The Black Friday deal price is $4,799 with a free PV380W solar panel (reg. $799)

The 5,000W AC500 system can run just about anything in your house, whether it’s a home theater system or a coffee maker. Even in frigid temperatures as low as -4F (-20C), it’s up to the challenge, thanks to its built-in self-heating feature. The basic 3,072Wh AC500+B300S set can power an 800W refrigerator for three hours or an electric blanket for 21 hours.

Featuring an expandable capacity capped at 18,432Wh, a responsive UPS, six ways to recharge, and up to 3,000W of solar charging capability, this system is the ideal off-grid power source for your home or remote cabin.

Power indoors and out

New arrival – AC200L

At the launch price of $1,499, Electrek readers will get an extra $100 off using the code Electrek.

This sleek newcomer delivers 2,400W of power that increases to 3,600W in Powerlifting mode. The 2,048Wh battery can be recharged in just two hours using the 1,200W solar charger. If you plug the AC200L into the wall using the 2,400W Turbo Charge mode, it charges in just 90 minutes without requiring a bulky adapter. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can monitor the AC200L in real-time, enable ECO mode to conserve battery life, and much more with the BLUETTI App.

By adding UPS functionality and an extended five-year warranty, BLUETTI gives you peace of mind during power outages and beyond. The AC200L power station will be available through November 30 for an early-bird price of just $1,499.

Pair the AC200L with a 3,072Wh B300 expansion battery for a total capacity of 5,120Wh, and you’ll get more power for less money at only $2,999.

AC200 Max

Was $1,599, now $1,299. Save $300.

BLUETTI’s flagship AC200MAX boasts a 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W of output, which is perfect for RV adventures, van life, glamping, and being off the grid. Its front panel features 16 versatile outlets that can power all your essentials, including coffee makers, electric grills, and small fridges. Did we mention it can run a 40W CPAP machine for over 80 hours? With its efficient 900W solar intake, you’re never left wanting for power as long as the sun shines. Expand its capacity with a B230 or B300 expansion battery, and you can push it to a maximum of 8,192Wh.


AC180 Was $999, now $649. Save $350.

AC180P+PV200 was $1,548, now $1,298. Save $250.

Weighing about 37 pounds, the AC180 and its offline counterpart, the AC180P, are compact generators for off-grid living. Both can dish out 1,800W of power, or 2,700W in powerlifting mode, to run resistive devices such as dryers and electric kettles. Their responsive UPS features also make them reliable backup power in sudden power failures.

These power stations offer a greener, quieter, and safer alternative to gas generators. They differ slightly in capacity, 1,152Wh for the AC180 and 1,440Wh for the AC180P. As for controlling them remotely, the AC180 can be operated with the BLUETTI App via Bluetooth, and the AC180P can also be connected via Wi-Fi.

Pack light, explore further


Was $599, now $499. Save $100.

Weighing just 22.5 pounds (10.2 kg), the AC70 is designed for adventurers. Based on the success of the EB70S, it’s upgraded to offer an impressive 1,000W of continuous output for a wide range of appliances, from refrigerators to blenders. In powerlifting mode, it can deliver a potent 2,000W of power for hairdryers and small power tools.

Its 768Wh LFP battery boasts over 3,000W of life cycles. On a single charge, you can power up a 15Wh camera 45 times, a 40W CPAP machine for 12 hours, and a 120W car fridge for 4.7 hours. The AC70 features fast-charging options, including 850W AC input (0-80% in just 45 minutes) and 500W solar input for a full charge in two hours, making it a versatile and convenient power source for short road trips or emergency backup.


Was $548, now $399. Save $149.

For those who need portability, the AC2A is the perfect choice. At only 7.9 pounds (3.6kg), it’s compact and easy to carry around. Despite its toolbox-like size, it delivers 300W of AC power and a 600W surge from its 204Wh battery. Six ports, including a 100W USB-C port for fast laptop charging, let you power your gadgets all at once.

It also boasts a 270W fast wall charge that goes from empty to fully charged in just 1.4 hours. Built with durable LFP battery cells, it guarantees over 3,000 life cycles before degrading to 80% of its original capacity. Ideal for camping and hiking, the AC2A is also solar-ready with a 200W solar input.

Power more and longer

B230 expansion battery 

Was $1,099, now $999. Save $100.

The 2,048Wh B230 expansion battery adds even more juice to your BLUETTI power stations. Equipped with its own power button, a USB port, a USB-C (100W) port, and a 12V/10A output, you can use it on its own to power laptops, car fridges, and other devices. It charges up using the T500 Adapter or solar panels, with a maximum input of 500 watts.

B300 expansion battery

Was $1,999, now $1,699. Save $300.

The AC300’s companion battery, the B300, offers an impressive 3,072Wh of capacity. It supports a maximum of 700W of dual charging, whether through a combination of 500W AC, and 200W solar or dual solar inputs. Like the B230, it’s built with durable LiFePO4 cells with over 3,500 life cycles before degrading to 80% and serves as a substantial power bank alone.

BLUETTI Black Friday bonuses

Besides these incredible discounts, BLUETTI’s Black Friday sale includes exciting perks like special BLUETTI Lifestyle gifts for purchases over specific thresholds, earning five times BLUETTI Bucks for orders placed between November 17 and November 27, lucky wheels, and an additional 5% reduction for referring friends.

Don’t miss out on these once-a-year deals! Mark your calendar for Friday, November 17, and save big on Black Friday power station deals.


BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and providing green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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