Tesla slashes official car wrap color prices, adds new color

Tesla has slashed prices on its official car wrap color selection and added a new ‘Satin Abbyss Blue’ for Model 3 and Model Y.

After years of teasing, Tesla decided to release its own ‘color paint protection film’, which is more commonly known as a wrap, late last year.

The automaker has been known for having a limited choice of paint colors on its electric vehicles. It led many owners to go to third-parties for wraps.

Since October, Tesla is now offering its own wraps done by official Tesla installers.

We noted that they were quite expensive when they launched between $7,500 and $8,000.

Tesla has now slashed the prices between $5,700 and $6,000:

It’s still on the expensive side depending on where you get your wraps, but it is much more reasonable now.

Furthermore, Tesla added a new ‘Satin Abyss Blue’ color to the lineup:

Tesla is still limited on where it can install those wraps. It only sells them through the app so that it can directly let owners know whether or not they are eligible to get one.

Interestingly, Tesla also says that it ran out of ‘Rose Gold’ wraps, which was probably the most interesting/unique color of the collection.

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