Tesla launches Model 3 Highland refresh in North America

Tesla has officially launched the new Model 3 Highland refresh in North America – taking orders now for deliveries within a month.

Last summer, Tesla introduced a new version of the Model 3, codenamed Highland, which featured a refreshed design, a new backseat screen, new ambient light, and more.

It was only being built at Gigafactory Shanghai and distributed in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

Tesla never said when it planned to bring the new version to North America, where it kept selling the version with the older design.

Today, the automaker finally announced the new Model 3 in North America:

Tesla is referring to it as the “upgraded Model 3” and it is starting to take orders now for deliveries in “January-February”.

Like in Europe, Tesla is only selling the rear-wheel-drive and dual motor versions. The Performance version is gone for now:

The prices have stayed the same, the range has stayed the same for the RWD version, but interestingly, the top speed has been reduced from 140 mph to 125 mph.

The acceleration time has stayed the same.

Based on the WLTP range calculation in Europe, the new Model 3 Highland is more efficient and getting a longer range than the older version, but it is not reflected in this update in the US – other than the Dual Motor version getting 8 more miles.

Tesla writes about some of the updates inside the new Model 3:

“Enjoy an all-new interior that features a sleek, minimalist styling with a premium look and feel. The cabin is quieter than ever thanks to wrap-around acoustic glass, and includes new features like ambient lighting and ventilated seats.”

We got a close look at the new Model 3 refresh in Germany for all the details:

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