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Children with Down’s syndrome are ‘not being put on organ transplant lists’ by doctors who ‘rule them out because they have lower life expectancy’

Children with Down’s syndrome are treated unfairly by the Government and not put on organ transplant lists, it has been claimed. Those with the syndrome are discriminated against as they may not live as long as other children, campaigners claim. A petition calling for ‘people with disabilities, such as Down’s Syndrome’ to be as entitled to organ transplants as everyone else’ has reached nearly 16,000 signatures. Children with Down’s syndrome are treated unfairly by the Government and not put on organ transplant lists (file photo) When the petition hit 10,000Read More

5 Major Signs That Your Partner Could Be a (Clinical) Narcissist

WE’ve all had those moments where we thought our partner was insanely, pathologically selfish. (At least, those of us in LTRs have…) And, though it’s tempting to label your S.O. a narcissist when you’re annoyed, there’s a major difference between cockiness, arrogance, overconfidence, and true narcissism. While on the surface, they do share some qualities, the difference between a selfish jerk and a clinical narcissist is that the latter has no real empathy for others, making their relationship with you all about them and their self-image. They don’t care about you on aRead More

What Actually Happens Inside An Empath: Explained

  An Empath is a person who feels the the feelings and Emotions of others as their own and also intensely  imprints their feelings and Emotions onto others. The Empath can often feel things that they have not personally gone through. They act as a receptor of another humans emotions. If a person is experiencing fear or anxiety due trauma, such as witnessing a car accident for example, the Empath will become fearful and anxious as well without having witnessed or experience or even being told of the events. TheRead More

What Actually Happens Inside An Empath: Explained

A person can fall anywhere on the spectrum from basic human Empathy to Higher levels of Empathy where not just feelings and Emotions are felt but physical feelings such as ; physical pain , discomfort or warmth and pressure are felt as well through or recieved by the Empath. An Empath that is completely aware of their influence or how they are influenced where ever they exist on the spectrum can develope control over how they send and receive feelings. Again this is most easily seen in recording artist whoRead More

The Power of Being an Earth Empath

Embracing the keen attainment to the natural world.   I’m a psychiatrist and also an empath. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive and tends to absorb the emotional and physical energy of other people into their own bodies. Empaths also have an intimate communion with nature, including with the Earth, plants, and animals. The positive side is that we can deeply feel all that is positive, wholesome, and healthy in others, and the world. The downside is that empaths become exhausted, anxious, and burned out from sensory overload. Many of my empathRead More

The Power of Being an Earth Empath

The Earth loves you. You can feel it. If you’re an earth empath, that’s why you get so hurt, anxious or have health problems when she is harmed or destroyed. Your body is intimately connected to the Earth. You experience her changes as if they were happening to you. When the Earth is happy, you are happy. When the Earth is in pain, you are too. Earth empaths may have premonitions about natural disasters or feel them intensely in their bodies as they are occurring. One patient told me. “IRead More

This is how being in a narcissist relationship caused my Anxiety Disorder

Narcissists cling to those who have big hearts because they can tolerate a great deal of subliminal abuse. But it’s only so long until they finally realize the damage being inflicted on them and build up the courage to walk away. It’s a process we’ve seen play out over and over, but what no one seems to realize is the impact narcissistic abuse can have on your mental health post-relationship. Your mental health deteriorates even after you free yourself from a narcissistic relationship. I know this first hand because theRead More

Angelina Jolie Was Diagnosed With Bell’s Palsy—Here’s What You Need to Know About It

The actress revealed she developed the form of facial paralysis last year. Angelina Jolie has already spoken publicly about her preventive double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and ovary removal. Now the actress is opening up about another health condition she’s facing: Bell’s palsy. In Vanity Fair’s latest cover story, Jolie reveals she developed the form of facial paralysis last year. “Sometimes women in families put themselves last,” she says in the interview, “until it manifests itself in their own health.” Bell’s palsy occurs when a nerve in the face becomes swollen or inflamed, triggering symptoms likeRead More

4 Powerful Crystals Every Empath and Sensitive Soul Should Carry On Them

Being an empath is a beautiful gift and a spiritual superpower, although it might not always feel like it… An empath is somebody who is able to feel the emotions, the energy, and even the physical pain of others. They tend to have a heart of gold and a highly developed intuitive sense. This heightened level of sensitivity and perception can make an empath shine as a healer, a counselor, or in any helping profession. Literally feeling what others are experiencing can guide you in how to best assist them. PerhapsRead More

4 Powerful Crystals Every Empath and Sensitive Soul Should Carry On Them

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of higher connection, wisdom, and truth that can expand your consciousness and tune you into higher levels of guidance.  It can help empaths to decipher and trust the subtle intuitive impressions they are getting, while empowering them to act upon the information appropriately. Since empaths can get bombarded by people who need help, Lapis Lazuli is a great choice for helping them to speak up and to set clear boundaries when necessary. 3.  Lepidolite A common complaint that empaths have is being anxious and overwhelmed, because they are likeRead More